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A Message from Our President and CEO

"We are committed to a higher level of diversity and inclusion, resulting in our organization being stronger, better able to achieve our mission and instilling a culture that supports every one of us in doing our jobs to the best of our abilities."

-Winthrop Watson, President and Chief Executive Officer

Our Commitment to Diversity

FHLBank Pittsburgh believes in respecting, valuing and including differing thoughts, beliefs, races, gender, orientations, backgrounds, cultures, styles, personalities, physical appearances and experiences which promote individual and organizational growth. We understand that a higher level of commitment to the principles of diversity and inclusion will make us better. We believe that being diverse and inclusive make us a stronger organization, better able to achieve our mission, successfully implement our strategic plan, and experience a work culture that supports every one of us in doing our jobs to the best of our abilities.

We realize it is not enough to employ a workforce of individuals with varying backgrounds and views. We must also be inclusive of each person’s experiences and beliefs when working with each other, our members and our customers. Our Office of Minority and Women Inclusion is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion and the utilization of minorities, women and persons with disabilities in the areas of employment, purchasing and contracting and integrating diversity in all areas of the organization. Our Diversity Council works to demonstrate the strength of diverse experiences and perceptions, and raise awareness around the importance and advantages of having a diverse and inclusive culture.

Our Equal Opportunity Policy confirms our commitment to the principles of equal opportunity in employment and contracting, as well as procedures for handling complaints of discrimination in employment or in contracting. We invite you to visit our suppliers and vendors page to learn how to register your company using our supplier diversity registration and become part of our diverse supplier network to be potentially considered for contract opportunities.

Celebrating Our unCommon Threads

FHLBank Pittsburgh has developed a rich program that recognizes and celebrates the unique backgrounds of every individual on our team as well as the connections we all share with one another.

Throughout the year, colleagues participate in a variety of events and activities that highlight our connections and illustrate how each of us are individual threads that contribute to the strength and character of our organization as a whole. From international fare days to education and training sessions to volunteer opportunities, every initiative provides the opportunity to embrace diversity and inclusion.

Together, we realize infinite opportunities to weave success.


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