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FHLBank Pittsburgh provides readily available low-cost funding and opportunities for affordable housing and community development to 302 member financial institutions in Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia. It ensures the availability of funds for housing and enhances the quality of the communities it serves.

FHLBank Pittsburgh is one of eleven FHLBanks nationwide. Congress created this national network of privately owned wholesale banks in 1932 to ensure available funding for mortgages. Today, as a wholesale source of community-building funds for neighborhood financial institutions, the FHLBanks fill a critical vacuum by providing liquidity for small business, community development, rural and agricultural loans — as well as home mortgage financing.

The FHLBanks are a unique combination of private and public resources:

  • Private capital drives the engine and bears the risk
  • Public sponsorship provides favorable access to financial markets
  • There is not one dime of public money in the FHLBanks
  • Each Bank is a cooperative whose member institutions own the capital stock and receive dividends on their investments
  • The Banks are regulated by the Federal Housing Finance Agency, an independent agency in the executive branch of the U.S. government

Every day, FHLBank Pittsburgh's employees work creatively with member institutions and other partners to help build thriving communities throughout the three-state region.

Serving our members in Delaware, Pennsylvania
& West Virginia

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