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The 2024 BOB funding round is now open. Enrolled members may submit completed registration requests to

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What is Banking On Business?

Delivered through FHLBank Pittsburgh enrolled members, Banking On Business (BOB) provides secondary unsecured loans, in conjunction with member first loans to help bridge the gap between what a small business needs and what a member can lend. BOB offers a set-aside for minority- and women-owned small businesses through the Banking On Business Inclusion and Equity fund (BOBIE).

On average, each BOB dollar FHLBank Pittsburgh contributes leverages $6 in financial resources to small businesses.

How Does BOB Benefit Members?

FHLBank Pittsburgh members benefit from BOB in a variety of ways:

  • Serves as gap financing to make small business deals bankable
  • Integrates with existing commercial underwriting; no additional underwriting required
  • Creates new business relationships and cross-selling opportunities
  • Provides additional fee income on the BOB loan
  • Qualifies for Community Reinvestment Act credit
  • Strengthens the local economy by helping to create and retain jobs
  • Through BOBIE, provides an opportunity to support underrepresented minority-and women-owned small businesses.

What Qualifies for BOB Funding?

BOB or BOBIE funds may be used in financing the startup, maintenance or expansion of a small business, including, but not limited to:

  • Building purchase 
  • Land acquisition and construction 
  • Facility expansion 
  • Machinery and equipment purchase 
  • Leasehold improvements
  • Permanent working capital 
  • Closing costs
All grants are in the form of recoverable assistance with specific repayment terms. To qualify for BOB, the business must qualify as a small business based on SBA size standards and meet other eligibility criteria as defined in the BOB Program Manual

How to Apply

To apply for BOB or BOBIE funds, members:
  • Submit a one-time Enrollment Form and Enrollment Agreement to access the BOB product
  • Members who wish to participate in BOBIE also must execute an Addendum to the BOB Enrollment Agreement prior to submitting any application for BOBIE. Please email to request the Addendum needed to sign up for BOBIE.
  • Once enrolled, submit registration forms during open funding rounds to request BOB or BOBIE funds on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified businesses. Members will be limited to an initial cap of $1,250,000 in BOB and BOBIE approvals. If funds remain available six months after the round opening, the funding cap will be lifted and any remaining funds will be re-pooled and made available again to all members.
The Community Investment Department can assist you in completing a business registration and any supplemental forms, and in explaining the responsibilities of each party involved in BOB and in BOBIE. 

BOB Success Stories

See examples of BOB businesses that have had a beneficial impact on their communities.
  • BOB Product Profile - Member - One-page overview of the product, the member's role and benefits of member participation 
  • 2024 BOB Product Webinar - This recorded webinar is an overview of the Banking On Business (BOB) small business lending program.
  • 2024 BOB Program Manual - Guide to the Banking On Business small business lending program.
  • BOB Quick Reference Guide - Tool for FHLBank members to use when qualifying a BOB loan and processing an application
To enroll in BOBIE, please email for a copy of the addendum to the BOB Enrollment Agreement.

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