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The 2021 AHP Funding Round is now closed.

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What is the Affordable Housing Program?

Members and sponsors/consultants must access AHP Online through FHLBank's new secure website portal. Please contact us at 800-288-3400, option 2, if you need assistance.

As of January 1, 2021, the Federal Housing Finance Agency Affordable Housing Program (AHP) Regulation 1291 is in effect. The 2021 AHP Implementation Plan is also available which highlights changes in the regulation.

View frequently asked questions, and their answers, for the 2021 AHP funding round.

To accommodate individuals impacted by recent natural disasters, FHLBank Pittsburgh is now permitted to temporarily allow vacant rental units assisted by the Affordable Housing Program to be temporarily leased to individuals/households, regardless of their income, who were displaced by select disasters. Prior to accepting households that may qualify, project sponsors must notify and receive the written approval from FHLBank Pittsburgh. Sponsors may email for further information and assistance.

The Affordable Housing Program (AHP) provides grants and subsidized loans for the acquisition, construction or rehabilitation of affordable housing for households with incomes at or below 80 percent of the area median income. Housing developers partner with FHLBank Pittsburgh members to apply for AHP funding, which is offered through one competitive funding round each year. Grants are awarded to the highest scoring projects, up to $750,000 per project, until the round funds are exhausted.

View a list of our 2020 AHP recipients. The last three AHP funding round highest and lowest approved scores were:

2020: 82 highest; 68.5 lowest
2019: 79.5 highest; 67 lowest (resulted in tie-breaker)
2018: 87 highest; 64.5 lowest (resulted in tie-breaker)
Note: The 2021 scoring has changed and therefore the historical approved scores may not be applicable.

How Does AHP Benefit Members?

FHLBank Pittsburgh members benefit from AHP in a variety of ways:

  • Helps establish and expand community relationships
  • Capitalizes on spin-off investment and related business opportunities
  • Qualifies for Community Reinvestment Act credit
  • Generates community goodwill
  • Provides public recognition for community investments

What Qualifies for AHP Funding?

AHP grants and loans can be used for:

  • Single- and multi-family housing
  • New construction and rehabilitation
  • Rental and owner-occupied homes
  • Scattered-site housing development
  • Transitional and single-room-occupancy housing

AHP grants and loans can support the development of housing intended for underserved populations. These housing projects may be targeted to very low-income households, individuals with special needs, the homeless or veterans, among others. Typically these projects are service enriched, and the project sponsors are able to offer a menu of supportive services, such as counseling, vocational and educational services; medical support; and other forms of assistance funded through complementary sources.

How to Apply

Applications for AHP funding are accepted when the funding round is open. Once the funding round closes, we review the applications received for scoring and feasibility. Based on the results, our Board of Directors approves award recipients. Once notified of funding approval, awardees must draw down funds within 12 months of the approval date.

Provided below are step-by-step instructions for completing the AHP application.

Already an AHP Recipient? Approved AHP projects are required to be monitored in accordance with AHP regulations. View the full monitoring guidelines.

AHP Success Stories

See examples of AHP projects that have had a beneficial impact on their communities.
As a first step, applicants are encouraged to review available resources and the Implementation Plan

For questions related to scoring and feasibility guidelines, please refer to the 2021 AHP Implementation Plan.
Each AHP application must be completed by a project sponsor (i.e., housing developer or public agency) and submitted by an FHLBank Pittsburgh member.

FHLBank Pittsburgh members that are interested in participating in AHP and looking to connect with project sponsors, as well as sponsors in need of an FHLBank Pittsburgh member to support their AHP application, can now request an organizational match by completing the AHP Member/Sponsor Match Request Form. Once you request a match, we will contact you to learn more about your organization's needs and help identify a possible AHP application partner.
All AHP applications must be submitted to FHLBank Pittsburgh electronically via the AHP Online system, accessed through the Bank's transaction site.

Members that do not currently have access to the AHP Online system can acquire it through their institution's Security Administrator (SA), who manages all access and roles for their institution.

Use the Registering in the AHP Online System guide for step-by-step instructions.

Project sponsors who already registered in the AHP Online system in previous funding rounds can still use their existing login and password information. Project sponsors new to the system must register as a new user. New sponsor registrants may view the AHP Online Registration Webinar for tips on a successful registration.

If you have lost your password, or if you are not sure whether or not you are successfully registered in the AHP system, please call the FHLBank's Community Investment Department at 800-288-3400, option 4, for assistance.

Once a funding round opens, sponsors may initiate their application in the AHP Online system. To initiate an application, you must be a registered user and have the following information available:
  • Contact information for lead sponsor, those with input roles and the member financial institution
  • Name of project
  • Project's five-digit ZIP code
  • Type of project (rental, lease-purchase, homeownership)
  • Type of construction (new construction, rehabilitation)
We recommend beginning this process early in the round. The AHP application is lengthy and requires information from multiple sources. Additionally, applications initiated by July 9, 2021 will have access to a 'Tips Webinar' during the round, while uninitiated applications will not. Note: An application is not considered initiated until it has an application number.

AHP applications receive scoring points based on a variety of criteria, as defined in the AHP Implementation Plan. The highest scoring applications qualify to receive AHP funding. As all application submissions are considered final, it is important to submit a complete application.

Applications must be in 'Member Approved' status by the funding round deadline to be accepted. This is accomplished by the following steps:

  1. One of the lead sponsor contacts moves the application's status from 'Pending' to 'Sponsor Approved'.
  2. An email is then generated by the AHP Online system and sent to the member contacts associated with the application informing them that the application has obtained 'Sponsor Approved' status.
  3. One of the member contacts completes the two member screens and moves the application to the 'Member Approved' status.
  4. Once the application status is 'Member Approved,' email verifications are generated by the AHP Online system and sent to all contacts associated with the application, and the submission is complete. Please note that all submissions are considered final.
All applications are reviewed by Bank staff, and the AHP grant awards are announced on the designated date.

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