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Stay up-to-date on issues facing housing, economic development and the FHLBanks with Peter Knight’s monthly policy updates.

January 2017

In less than two weeks, President Trump has fulfilled his major campaign pledge to shake up Washington and change the way the government operates. That is exactly why many of his supporters love him. He already has political and business leaders in Washington and around the globe guessing what his next move will be.

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December 2016

After the holiday presents are opened, the tasty delights experienced and the New Year heralded, a "new" Washington will emerge to manage the America's challenges.  

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November 2016

With the election results in, one group of Americans will undeniably experience a bleak future: hardy television station owners who will now have to live life without all that lucrative political ad revenue. Ads for consumer gadgets like the Pocket Fisherman and The Clapper just do not have the same budget. 

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October 2016

As millions of Americans exercise their solemn responsibility to vote in the coming weeks, many no doubt will be contemplating the wisdom once expressed by American actor and filmmaker Woody Allen: “One path leads to despair and utter hopelessness … the other, to total extinction. Let us pray we have the wisdom to choose correctly.” While most voters have told pollsters they are not excited about their choices, the elected government, both in the executive and legislative branches, will be the government everyone has, not necessarily the government everyone wants.

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September 2016

As America makes the final turn in its marathon effort to select a new president, students of government will tell you that being elected to the most powerful position in the world does not mean you can snap your fingers and achieve instant results. The despotic Dr. Evil (nemesis of fictional spy action hero Austin Powers), experienced the same frustration when trying to direct his own inner circle, with poor results.

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August 2016

These days American politics seems pretty raw and the public pretty angry. This anger is directed at both major presidential candidates and both major parties. Similarly, large financial institutions are also facing intense criticism. And while it often seems today's situation is unique in all of history, it has been like this before. In the years during the Great Depression, after the stunning collapse of stock markets, real estate and banking, a major populist Governor and later Senator from Louisiana, Huey Long, spoke to this anger. A prolific and popular orator, Long once said, "Corrupted by wealth and power, your government is like a restaurant with only one dish." 

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Peter E. Knight, Director, Government Relations

Peter Knight, who joined FHLBank Pittsburgh in 2002, is responsible for directing the Government Relations Department.
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Allison Beresnyak, who joined FHLBank Pittsburgh in 2015, manages FHLBank Pittsburgh in‑district government relations program, the Public Policy Network. 
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