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Flexible terms and options help members manage liquidity, improve interest rate risk profiles and support strategies to enhance profitability.

At FHLBank Pittsburgh, we offer a broad range of advances with standard and option-embedded choices. By accessing our funding, members benefit in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cost effectiveness - low-cost advances qualify for activity-based dividends, further lowering a member's all-in cost.*
  • Same-day funding** - with just a click or a phone call, members can access the funding they need to meet their immediate liquidity needs.
  • Flexibility - members can access specific funding products with types, terms and amounts tailored to fit business objectives.
See below for more information on all the advance types our members may access.

*DISCLAIMER: FHLBank Pittsburgh makes no commitment regarding payment of any dividends or the level of dividends.
**To receive same-day funding, requests must be received by 4 p.m. eastern, and are subject to FHLBank Pittsburgh's internal credit and collateral reviews.
With competitive rates and terms ranging from overnight to 89 days, members have the flexibility needed to manage balance sheets according to business goals.

Open RepoPlus
Open RepoPlus delivers a revolving, uncommitted line of credit from which members may borrow or repay within the parameters of their line.

Mid-Term Repo
Members can extend their liquidity duration to effectively manage assets and liabilities with this advance product option. Flexible terms include maturities from three months to three years with either fixed or adjustable rates.

Responsive to our members' asset and liability management needs, we deliver fixed or adjustable rates and maturity options from three to 30 years.

Fixed-Rate Amortizing
In support of members' varying asset structures, this type of advance can be fully amortizing or structured as balloon payments and also features fixed monthly payments of principal and interest.

To help members mitigate interest rate risk, we offer adjustable-rate advances that are indexed to either the London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) or the Secured Overnight Financing Rate (SOFR).

Members may choose adjustable or fixed rates that may be repaid without penalty on certain predetermined dates at the member's option. Returnable advances may be useful for interest rate risk management or to fund assets that include prepayment options.

Adjustable-Rate with Cap and/or Floor

To help members mitigate interest rate risk, our adjustable-rate advances are indexed to LIBOR and SOFR with rate cap and floor options. This type of advance is particularly effective because the rate can be limited to parameters that are aligned with a member's interest rate risk profile.

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