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Blueprint Communities Applications Opening for Eastern Pennsylvania

Beginning Sept. 27, 2023, FHLBank Pittsburgh’s partner, Pennsylvania Downtown Center (PDC), will begin accepting applications from communities in eastern Pennsylvania interested in participating in the 2024 Blueprint Communities cohort. Applications must be submitted by 5 p.m. on Dec. 1, 2023.

If you know of a community that may benefit from this initiative, please connect with Julie Fitzpatrick, Executive Director at PDC,

Once applications open on Sept. 27, visit the PDC website to review the eligibility and application materials, and consider registering for either informational webinar on Oct. 12 or Nov. 8.

What is Blueprint Communities?

Developed and implemented by FHLBank Pittsburgh in 2005, the Blueprint Communities® initiative creates momentum for revitalizing older communities and neighborhoods by:

  • Building strong local leadership, collaboration and development capacity 
  • Developing sound local and regional planning skills
  • Encouraging coordinated investments in targeted communities by public and private funders

Blueprint Communities teams, which contain a diverse mix of local leaders, receive:

  • Leadership training 
  • Help in using their skills to create and implement revitalization plans for their communities
  • Access to a variety of funding opportunities, including FHLBank Pittsburgh community products
Learn more about impacts and eligibility by viewing our Blueprint Communities Product Profile

How Does Blueprint Communities Benefit Members?

FHLBank Pittsburgh members benefit from the Blueprint Communities initiative in a variety of ways:

  • Provides opportunities to support local community planning and strategy implementation 
  • Creates opportunities for Community Reinvestment Act credit and community investment
  • Facilities partnerships with local and state leaders

How Does My Neighborhood Become a Blueprint Community?

FHLBank Pittsburgh and its local partners periodically induct a new geographic group of communities into the Blueprint Communities program. Our members and local leaders can nominate their communities for consideration during these times. Upon review, a new group of communities is selected and the local Blueprint Communities teams begin training.

To promote a team approach to community revitalization, and to ensure a good cross-section of community involvement, one of the Blueprint Community team members must be an employee of an FHLBank Pittsburgh member whose service area includes the Blueprint Community.

Once selected, communities wishing to remain affiliated with Blueprint Communities are eligible to be recertified, indicating that:

  • The Blueprint Communities plan is developed and approved
  • The community is implementing the plan and indicates they will continue to do so
  • Stakeholders are convening on a regular basis to work on plan implementation
  • At least one FHLBank Pittsburgh member is an active member of the team
  • Team members are willing to commit to participating in future evaluation and measuring progress

Blueprint Communities Success Stories

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