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Affordable Housing Program

Helping members support local housing, increase goodwill and generate new business

The 2015 AHP funding round will open June 8 and close August 11. For technical assistance or to get connected with a member institution or project sponsor, click here.

Affordable Housing Program (AHP) grants help FHLBank members partner with community developers and public agencies to develop affordable housing in local communities. Each year, FHLBank Pittsburgh sets aside approximately 10 percent of its net income to fund AHP.

AHP benefits to FHLBank members:

  • Helps establish and expand community relationships
  • Can capitalize on spin-off investment and related business opportunities
  • Qualifies for CRA credit
  • Generates community goodwill
  • Provides public recognition for community investments

Grants are awarded to the highest scoring projects -- up to $500,000 per project -- in one funding round each year until funds are exhausted. Housing developers team up with FHLBank member financial institutions to submit applications during the funding round.

Program Resources:

2015 AHP Fact Sheet

One-page overview of AHP for members

2015 AHP Developer/ Sponsor Fact Sheet

One-page overview of AHP for developers

2015 AHP Implementation Plan

AHP policy and scoring criteria

AHP Regulation

Federal regulation governing AHP

AHP grants and loans can be used for:

  • Single- and multi-family housing
  • New construction and rehabilitation
  • Rental and owner-occupied homes
  • Scattered-site housing development projects
  • Transitional and single-room-occupancy housing

AHP grants and loans can be used to support the development of housing targeted to underserved populations –including but not limited to very low-income households, individuals with special needs, the homeless and veterans. Typically these targeted projects are “service enriched” and the sponsors are able to offer a menu of support services such as counseling, vocational and educational services, medical support, and other forms of assistance funded through other complementary sources

Applications for AHP funding are accepted when the funding round is open. Once the funding round closes the Bank reviews the applications received for scoring and feasibility, and based on the results of the scoring and feasibility reviews its Board of Directors approves award recipients. Once notified of funding approval, awardees must draw down funds within 12 months of the approval date.

Provided below are step-by-step instructions for completing an AHP application. Click on each step for an expanded explanation and more detailed guidance.

Step 1: Attend an AHP webinar, or schedule a technical assistance appointment with an FHLBank representative

While this step is optional, it is strongly recommended. AHP webinars and technical assistance appointments are designed to provide valuable information to increase your chances of approval. Please see below for 2015 webinar and technical assistance dates.

  • Monday, March 2: Technical Assistance Opens – Click here to make an appointment with FHLBank staff
  • Wednesday, March 18: Member Webinar – AHP basics for FHLBank member institutions. Click here to access a recording of the Member Webinar.
  • Wednesday, May 20: AHP 101 Webinar – General AHP application information Click here to register.
  • Tuesday, June 2: AHP 101 Webinar - General AHP application information Click here to register.
  • Tuesday, July 21: AHP Tips Webinar – Tips for initiated applications*
  • Wednesday, July 29: AHP Tips Webinar – Tips for initiated applications*

*Registration information will automatically be sent to members and sponsors who have initiated a 2015 application.

Step 2: Find Your AHP Partner

Each AHP application must be completed by a sponsor (i.e., housing developer or public agency) and submitted by an FHLBank Pittsburgh (Bank) member institution.

Bank members that are interested in participating in AHP and are looking to connect with project sponsors, and sponsors in need of a Bank member to support their AHP application, can now request an organizational match using the Technical Assistance Request Form. Once a match is requested, you will be contacted by the Bank to learn more about your organization’s needs and help identify a possible AHP application partnership.

To see a complete list of FHLBank Pittsburgh member financial institutions, click here.

Step 3: Register as an AHP Online System User

All AHP applications must be submitted to the Bank electronically via the AHP Online system, accessed through Users can access Bank4Banks® using the blue Bank4Banks button located on the Banks website homepage.

Members that do not currently have access to Bank4Banks or the AHP Online system can acquire it through their institution's Customer Security Administrator (CSA), who manages all Bank4Banks access and roles for their institution.

Project sponsors who already registered in the AHP Online system in previous funding rounds (2010 thru 2014) can still use their existing login and password information. Project sponsors new to the system must register as a new user.

If you have lost your password, please proceed to the Bank4Banks® login page and follow the steps to reset your password. If you are not sure whether or not you are successfully registered in the AHP system, call the Bank's Community Investment Department at 800-288-3400, option 4, for assistance.

Click on the links below to launch a quick video on how to do the following in the AHP Online system:

Step 4: Initiate an AHP Application

The 2015 AHP funding round opens on Monday, June 8. On this date, sponsors may initiate their application in the AHP online system. To initiate an application, you must be a registered user and have the following information available:

  • Contact information for lead sponsor, those with input roles and member financial institution
  • Name of project
  • Project's five-digit ZIP code
  • Type of project (rental, lease-purchase, homeownership)
  • Type of construction (new construction, rehabilitation)

We recommend beginning this process early. The AHP application is lengthy and requires information from multiple sources. Additionally, already initiated applications will have access to the “Tips Webinar” in July, while uninitiated applications will not.

Click here to launch a quick video on how to:

Step 5: Complete Your AHP Application

AHP applications receive scoring points based on a variety of criteria, as defined in the AHP Implementation Plan. The highest scoring applications qualify to receive AHP funding. As all application submissions are considered final, it is important to submit a complete application.

To ensure that your application is complete before submission, refer to the 2015 AHP Attachments Checklist. The checklist includes links to required forms and details about required documentation for each point category.

Sponsors will be responsible for completing the majority of the application fields in the AHP Online system, and members will be required to complete two screens (detailed in step 6). During application completion, both sponsors and members should refer to the Bank’s Implementation Plan for information on scoring and feasibility criteria.

For details on the components of the 2015 AHP application, including a downloadable "paper" copy, please use the 2015 Guide to Completing the AHP Application. Additionally, a Member Guide to the AHP System and a Sponsor Guide to the AHP System are available to assist in navigating the AHP Online system.

Step 6: Submit Your AHP Application

Applications must be in the “Member Approved” status by 5 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 to be accepted. This is accomplished by the following steps:

  • One of the lead sponsor contacts moves the application's status from “Pending” to “Sponsor Approved.”
  • An email is then sent by the AHP Online system to the member contacts associated with the application informing them that the application has been moved to “Sponsor Approved” status.
  • One of the member contacts completes the two member screens and moves the application to the “Member Approved” status.
  • Once the application status is “Member Approved,” email verifications are sent by the AHP Online system to all contacts associated with the application, and the submission is complete. Please note that all submissions are final.

For detailed instructions on moving an application's status to “Sponsor Approved” or “Member Approved,” please consult the Member Guide to the AHP system and the Sponsor Guide to the AHP System.

Step 7: FHLBank Pittsburgh Application Review

All applications are reviewed by Bank staff, and the 2015 AHP grant awards will be announced on December 17, 2015.

Application Resources:

2015 AHP Guide

Guide to fields and documents required in the AHP application

2015 Attachment Checklist

A list of documents and forms that must be attached to the AHP Online System

Technical Assistance Form

Project sponsors can use this form to request a review of project details and/or assistance with connecting with a FHLBank member. FHLBank members can use this form to request assistance connecting with project sponsors.

2015 Member Guide

Member guide to navigate the AHP online system

2015 Sponsor Guide

Sponsor guide to navigate the AHP online system

Sponsor Registration Demo

Brief video on how to register a sponsor contact in the AHP system.

Associate Yourself with an Organization Demo

Brief video on how to associate/attach yourself to an organization in the AHP system after you have registered yourself as a sponsor contact

Approved AHP projects are required to be monitored in accordance with AHP regulations: more about AHP monitoring>

Funding and Monitoring Resources:

Income Calculation

Must be completed for each household receiving AHP funds to accurately verify household income

Income Guidelines

Guidelines to accurately verify household income and determine the eligibility of households to participate in AHP

15 Year Pro Forma

Required for completion monitoring on rental projects

AHP/FFD Repayment Worksheet for Homeownership Projects

For members to calculate the repayment amount for all homeownership grants made under AHP, within the five-year retention period

Funding Disbursement Guide

Guide to navigating the AHP online system to draw down AHP-approved funds

Third-Party Plan and Cost Review Form

Form to be completed prior to funding for rental rehabilitation projects to verify a project's construction/rehabilitation costs


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