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Community Lending Program

Helping members finance housing and economic development projects with very competitive loan rates

FHLBank Pittsburgh’s Community Lending Program (CLP) is an $1 billion noncompetitive revolving loan pool that offers loans to member financial institutions for community and economic development projects that create housing, improve business districts and strengthen neighborhoods.
CLP benefits to FHLBank members:

  • Available at FHLBank's cost of funds — typically 15 to 25 basis points below the Bank's current Advance rates
  • Permits pass-through and mark-up options
  • Mitigates interest rate risk by match-funding
  • Deepens relationships with the public and private sectors
  • Can enhance CRA standing

Program Resources:

CLP Fact Sheet

One-page overview of CLP

CLP Basic Webinar

High-level webinar overview of CLP

CLP is the melting pot of community investment projects, as it can be used to support affordable housing, community and economic development projects, and small businesses (as defined by SBA size standards). Examples of how funds may be used include:

  • Acquire real estate or equipment for a business in a qualified income census tract
  • Construct a community facility that serves a qualified rural county
  • Improve infrastructure in a low-income municipality
  • Renovate a facility to create jobs for low-income persons
  • Provide permanent financing for housing for moderate-income households
  • Provide equity bridge financing for a Low Income Housing Tax Credit projects
  • Construct office space for a nonprofit serving individuals with special needs
  • Refinance the debt of facility serving low-income families

For rural areas, targeted income levels are household incomes less than or equal to 115 percent of the area median income. For urban areas, targeted income levels are household incomes less than or equal to 100 percent of the area median income.

Members must complete and submit a CLP application and the appropriate portfolio, spreadsheet and/or worksheet. There is no deadline for submitting CLP funding applications. CLP funds must be drawn down within 90 days of loan origination.
For more information, please contact Kate Swanson at 800-288-3400, ext. 7350, or

Application Resources:

CLP Application

Application for CLP funding

Small Business Portfolio Worksheet

Supplemental form for small business loan portfolios

Homeownership Portfolio Worksheet

Supplemental form for owner-occupied housing loan portfolio

Job Creation/ Retention Worksheet

Supplemental application form for individual businesses

Rental Worksheet

Supplemental application form for rental housing

Targeted Community Revitalization Spreadsheet

Supplemental application form for community revitalization



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