First Front Door Helps Family Realize American Dream

With $5,000 in assistance from First Front Door funds, Johanna Gonzalez bought her first home. The 2017 First Front Door program opened March 15 with a total allocation of $9.3 million available.

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Banking On Business (BOB) Helped Finance Start Up

Port Richmond Savings Bank customer, River Wards Cafe in Philadelphia, serves neighborhoods along the Delaware River. $6 million in funding is now available to support small business through our members. Read more about the BOB program and our participating members.

Full Year and Fourth Quarter 2016 Financial Results

The Bank recorded net income of $260.0 million for the year 2016 and $81.7 million for the fourth quarter. The Board of Directors declared dividends of 5.0 percent annualized on activity stock and 2.0 percent annualized on membership stock.

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Diversity and Inclusion Make Us Stronger

Respecting, valuing and including diverse thoughts, beliefs, genders, orientations, backgrounds, cultures, styles, personalities, physical appearances and experiences that promote individual and organizational growth.


Mission Ready – A Reliable Source of Liquidity

At FHLBank Pittsburgh, we are focused on our mission. Members of our cooperative access low-cost funding that helps them manage their balance sheets and supply mortgage funding, which helps build and vitalize local communities.



Who We Are

Founded as a cooperative by Congress in 1932, we assure the flow of credit to our members and support their housing finance and community lending businesses. Our products and services enhance our membership's ability to conduct business and vitalize their communities.
Member Institutions and Employees statistics are as of Mar. 31, 2017. Total Assets and Affordable Housing Program statistics are as of Dec. 31, 16.
  • 303 Member Institutions Supported
  • 215 Employees
  • $101.3B Total Assets
  • $297M Affordable Housing Program Grants Since 1990
We are focused every day - driven to deliver exceptional service to our membership and their communities. Our members are engaged in growing businesses, building communities, financing their customers' dreams as well as creating and preserving jobs. And, we are at their service, providing the low-cost funding that helps them to achieve their goals. Kris Williams Chief Operating Officer

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What We Do

Our Products: Advances, Letters of Credit, Mortgage Partnership Finance® Program, Bank Services, Community Products

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Why We Do It

There’s value in membership. Insurance companies, commercial banks, credit unions, community development financial institutions and thrifts are significant participants in the housing markets as lenders, investors and insurers. FHLBank Pittsburgh membership provides ready access to liquidity and other services that promote housing, community and economic development.
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News At A Glance
Members can view FHLBank news anytime on the News At A Glance page.

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Press Release
FHLBank Pittsburgh Announces Full Year and Fourth Quarter Financial Results

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Community News

Help for First-Time Homebuyers - More than $9.3 Million in FFD Funding Now Available

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Stay up-to-date on issues facing housing, economic development and the FHLBanks

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