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We deliver outstanding personalized service, helping members realize their liquidity and housing goals.

About Our Members & Membership

At FHLBank Pittsburgh, we assure the flow of credit to our members to support housing finance and community lending as well as related services that enhance their businesses and vitalize their communities.

Our membership spans a variety of financial institution types, including:
  • Thrift institutions
  • Commercial banks
  • Credit unions
  • Insurance companies
  • Community development financial institutions (CDFIs)
Financial institutions join a FHLBank in the district that serves the state where the institution's home office or principal place of business is located. FHLBank Pittsburgh's district encompasses Delaware, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Membership Benefits

Our members realize a variety of positive benefits for their businesses, including:
  • Ready access to liquidity via advances 
  • Gain efficiencies and increase available liquidity by using our letters of credit as an alternate form of collateral for public unit deposits 
  • Ability to leverage our Aaa/AA+ rated (Moody's/S&P) credit rating for confirming and direct pay letters of credit
  • Access to the secondary mortgage market with our Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Program products 
  • Convenient and affordable access to our bank services, including safekeeping, depository, electronic funds transfer and settlement services 
  • Robust community products and support for housing and business that make a difference in our members' backyards
Each member of FHLBank Pittsburgh works closely with a dedicated Business Development Manager or Member Services representative. To learn more about the benefits of membership with FHLBank Pittsburgh, call 800-288-3400, option 2, or email us.
A financial institution can join the cooperative as a member by meeting certain statutory requirements that include:
  • Being duly organized under the laws of any state in the U.S.
  • Being subject to inspection and regulation under the banking laws, or similar state or federal laws
  • Making long-term home mortgage loans
  • Additional criteria for insured depository institutions includes that they:
    • Hold at least 10 percent of total assets in residential mortgage loans*
    • Have a financial condition that allows our advances (loans) to be made safely
    • Have character of management and a home financing policy that is consistent with sound and economical home financing practices
*Note: Community financial institutions (CFIs) which the statute defines as an FDIC-insured depository institution with less than $1.461 billion in average total assets (adjusted annually for inflation) over the preceding three years, are exempt from this requirement. Please for more information.
Each member is required to maintain a minimum investment in FHLBank Pittsburgh's stock. More information about these stock requirements can be found in the Capital Plan.

In addition to eligibility parameters outlined above, other requirements must be met in order to be approved as a member, including:
  • Positive earnings in four of the last six quarters, including the current quarter
  • Nonperforming loans must be less than 10 percent in the current quarter
  • Allowance for loan and lease losses/nonperforming loans must be greater than 60 percent in four of the last six quarters
  • Mortgage-related assets/Total Assets must be greater than 10 percent in the current quarter

Our dedicated team of professionals work closely with prospective members to identify eligibility and membership requirements, conduct the necessary due diligence and define maximum borrowing capacity.
Mark Evanco – Chief Business Development and Strategy Officer
Fred Duncan – Senior Manager, Business Development
Nevin Hackenberg – Senior Manager, Member Experience and Products
William McGettigan – Business Development Manager
Vincent Moye – Business Development Manager
Tom Westerlund – Business Development Manager

Mortgage Partnership Finance® (MPF®) Program
Jeff Acquafondata – Senior Manager, Business Development and MPF Program

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